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I thinks that's where Pnoy goes into the picture. He's eliminating the corruption one by one so we can feel this economic boom if there really is..


what i learned that when marcos entered malacang we are no. 7 in asia next to japan in terms of economy and military power when he was ousted in 6986 we are 7nd to bangladish at the bottom

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Did you guys know who made that survey or data.
we are in their hands...they can control our knowledge easily.

they are afraid of GREAT LEADER that will soon to be threat to their UR UR MIND

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Hmmm. so is just me or are you telling us that GMA and are the best president the country has ever had? Total .
And many people can see that there are many Marcos trivias popping up the social media nowadays. Bakit kaya? xD

Can of worms indeed, and the Marcos loyalists they are.

I was 67 when Marcos left. Good riddance to him. He was a nightmare.

During Marcos time, I planned of joining the leftist movement if ever he will still be president if I turn college.

My mother would literally tell me to hush or keep quiet everytime I say something negative against Marcos.

I believe, PNoy did a great job in reforming the economy. Speaking of economy, PNoy is not a problem with that, but when it comes to politics- and foreign-related stuff, he needs more improvement, but I still give kudos to him and his administration, though!

the person to blame is not marcos it cory aquino. Every country needs to loan from world bank to further develop its economy but since cory aquino wanted the people to hate marcos and blame him from the depth of poverty she refused to continue any of marcos project. one big example is the bataan nuclear plant. of course for any business if u dont use amd make profit on what you invest it always ends up losing money or bankruptcy. Marcos is not perfect he may have some mistakes but compare to all the presidents after him they are only full of promises. What achievements do they do? day or night u dont feel safe even going to mall shopping is not safe. Where is the so called democracy cory ninoy or noynoy is saying. all is bs

You are on to something Boom. The data is compelling, your analysis plausible. Looking forward to more. Helps us to connect the dots.

genius.?sold our country to the chinese..genius..see what mess she brought with regards the issues at west phil sea..maybe your a KAPANGPANGAN..OR ARE YOU MRS AMPATUAN????

Hi Bobby. Thanks for commenting. However, if you look at the chart (which was taken from the World Bank's data bank), you may notice that the improvements started during GMA's time. P-Noy is simply reaping the benefits. Numbers don't lie.

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