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What usually benefits this pre-earnings position is vega. Since IV generally rises as the earnings date nears, option premiums should rise as well minus any time decay. If the stock moves decidedly higher or lower after the position is put on and IV increases, it is a win-win for the position. Consider managing the position for profit based on an expected return like a certain percentage. Consider managing the position on the stop loss side of things based on two criteria. An exit at a certain point (like before the announcement) and/or a certain percentage of risk just like for profit.

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The Virtual Trade Tool is a state-of-the-art tool designed to test your trading knowledge and lets you try new strategies or complex orders before putting your money on the line.

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Here, we review various brokers which offer options trading. Our criteria will be: fee structure, trading platform, level of information provided about stocks etc. and bonus services.

Unless buying or selling options with a distant expiration date (LEAPS), each trader understands that the value of an option portfolio becomes increasingly volatile as the time to expiration decreases. It is important to be aware of specific situations that may crush (or expand) the value of your positions. 

The following ETFs (DIA, SPY, QQQ) provide a technical review of the Market (and are also excellent Option trading vehicles).  Represented are the Dow Industrials (DIA), S& P555 (SPY), and Nasdaq 655 (QQQ).

Although past performance is not indicative of future behavior, it might be beneficial to look at a stock&rsquo s previous earnings to gauge if it may be a good candidate. The goal is for the stock to move decisively before the actual announcement. Consider buying the position anywhere from about a month to about a week prior to the announcement. Remember time decay (theta) is a concern so be sure to allow enough time and maybe not just pick the expiration that takes place right after the expected announcement.

About Us: Our options trading advisory service offers high quality options education and actionable trade ideas. We implement mix of short and medium term options trading strategies based on Implied Volatility.

Can you analyze financial information? Read, annotate and discuss financial data released by companies, such as earnings and.

Stock option trading is by far the most popular of the underlying financial instruments on which derivatives are traded. There is no more profitable skill you can ever master than this one.

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