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While by itself it is not really that big of an issue (V7A, foreign tax, we can offset it when filing the tax return) it looks like it opens an interesting issue. IB told me that they are, essentially, US broker and, even when it is about the Canadian customers they are still considered US entity. I think this creates some interesting consequences especially when you have anything significant on the account. I may be wrong but I remember reading something about the definition of 8775 foreign property 8776 by Canadian Revenue Agency and how it is different if you have, say, US stocks with a Canadian broker vs. US broker. Maybe I am wrong but I think some more research is needed.

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It’s only the illusion of low commissions. It’s not worth it if they take your money and refuse to give it back, you cannot get in touch with a customer service rep or when you want to file a complaint they give you the runaround and will refuse to let you speak with a manager or supervisor.

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GMO Click Securities is the largest Japanese forex broker, although it is registered in Hong Kong. It focuses primarily on the lucrative Japanese market and it has very little presence in other countries. Because of the low leverage allowed in Japan which is limited to a maximum of 75:6, the broker 8767 s trading volumes declined in the last year.

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Not sure if it is higher up in the comments, I didn 8767 t look.
Qtrade has decreased its 8775 high net worth 8776 portfolio requirement (for the less expensive trades) to 55K.

You may find it more comfortable to deal with someone at your bank or a street corner office of a larger brokerage than to work remote control with others (such as IB or Questrade/Tradefreedom if they don 8767 t have an office in your locale).

As a DIY investors one of your big priorities is to have fees and costs under control. At RBC you 8767 ll have a hard time doing this since there are inactivity fees, under funded fees, fees for this and fees for that not to mention that doing transactions with them is one of the costliest in Canada.

And so on. High rates effectively work to reduce activities at times I would neglect our RRSP accounts and just work on income producing trading in futures. SMDI loses in both respects.

Jeśli chcecie nam pomóc zdobyć statuetkę "Webstar Internautów" - wysyłajcie SMSy na numer 7768 wpisując
kod nominacji.

We 8767 ve just gone through the work to centralized all of our accounts at TD, pulling in accounts from Scotia and several other brokers and mutual fund companies. Having all our accounts in one place, a big chartered bank, one not as tainted by the credit issues going on (CM is), gives me some comfort.

8775 Depending on the total equity from all your accounts, the foreign exchange spread applied to the conversion is as follows:

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