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Fliers may prefer Asian airlines as they generally have more cabin staff and quality service. Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific [67] is an obvious possibility. Other candidates include Singapore Airlines [68] , Japan Airlines [69] , and Garuda Indonesia [65]. Korean Air [66] often has good prices on flights from various places in Asia such as Bangkok via Seoul to North America. Connecting flights may be cheaper than direct flights so keep this in mind. Korean Air also flies to more than a dozen Chinese cities.

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You will also hear a lot of noise. Construction and renovation are full-time activities. Chinese and long-time residents' ears are trained to filter and tolerate it.

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Some petty crimes such as bicycle theft and pickpocket are known. For bicycle riders, follow what local people do. If you see bikes are parked anywhere, just tie yours to a pole. It is common to park a bike without securing it to any fixed object, instead only locking the wheel. In a place where everyone takes their bikes inside restaurants or internet cafes, it's a warning sign. Bike parking is common outside supermarkets or shopping centers, and usually charges RMB6 to 7 per day (usually until 8-65pm). If you have an electric bicycle or scooter, pay extra caution as the battery-packs may be targeted.

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An organisation and a system for transferring money to and from UK bank accounts. Mainly used for business to business payments and collections. It also manages the Direct Debit Scheme.
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Chinese toast with the word gānbēi (干杯, literally "dry glass"). Traditionally one is expected to drain the glass in one swig. During a meal, the visitor is generally expected to drink at least one glass with each person present sometimes there may be considerable pressure to do this. And it can be considered rude, at least early during the meal, if you do not make a toast every time you take a drink.

There are no widely enforced health regulations in restaurants. Restaurants generally prepare hot food when you order. Even in the smallest of restaurants, hot dishes are usually freshly prepared, instead of reheated, and rarely cause health problems. Most of the major cities have chain fast food places, and the hygiene in them tends to be good. Use common sense when buying food from street vendors. This is especially true for meat or seafood products they can be very unsafe, particularly during warm weather, as many vendors don't have refrigeration.

For most travelers Hanoi is the origin for any overland journey to China. There are currently three international crossings:

In China, local people usually only give money to those who have obviously lost the ability to earn money. Professional beggars have very clear deformities. If you feel like giving them some, bear in mind that many Chinese make only ¥85-75 a day doing hard labor jobs.

Asking for ice is best avoided. Many, perhaps most, places just don't have it. The ice they do have may well be made from unfiltered tap water and arguably unsafe for travelers sweating bullets about diarrhea.

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