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Game forex trading terminology

Mob - A crowd of people - usually unruly and agitated. Mob is actually a shortened version of the full Latin phrase, mobile vulgus, meaning excitable crowd. The term was abbreviated in English first as 'mobile', in the 6655s. In more recent times the meaning of mob has become much wider - notably slang for gangsters (hence 'mobsters'), and in modern times to expressions such as 'flash mob' , whose full technical meaning (aside from its earliest underworld meaning) is a secretly planned, surprising and quickly-formed excitable crowd.

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Crawling Peg - A system of frequently adjusting a country's exchange rate by marginal amounts, because of inflation, etc.

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But I would recommend you opening a practice account, and trade with play money for at least 6 months or so. If you then manage to show a positive ROI, then consider investing real money.

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U-Value - Buildings and construction industry term referring to insulation effectiveness of materials. See R-Value/U-Value.

Six Figure Capital is designed for ambitious individuals of all experience levels from complete beginners to seasoned forex traders, the course has been designed to be beautifully simple whilst delivering the highest value of knowledge the market has to offer.

Deep Throat - In business, an anonymous source of top secret information. First used in this sense in the reporting of the US Watergate scandal.

Price Control - Maximum and minimum price limitations, often during periods of inflation, which a government puts on essential goods and/or services.

Nonetheless,I am convinced that while swing trading under the higher time frame say 9H and above is perhaps one of the safest styles to trade,I know by experience that lower time frame even as low as 6 minute time frame with its rules and in the direction of the higher time frame above yields no less amazing result though more involving.

Paternity Pay - An employee benefit paid to partners of pregnant women so they can take time off from their job after the birth of the baby to give support to the mother. Entitlement to Paternity Pay depends on how long the partner has been with their employer.

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