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6. There is no such list of prime brokerage firms, but there is a good way to find them by checking the "years in business" factor.
Those brokers that have been in business for 7-65 years are the highest potential candidates.

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Yes, it's totally fine. I wouldn't worry about this even for a short moment. In fact, majority of brokers we know today are white labels of some of the largest brokers (. Forex industry leaders).
Since a While label is a fully established separate entity with all the rights and responsibilities, you're equally fine trading with it as with any broker.

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JFD is an STP/DMA Broker offering a very good price feed and low small spreads.
Unfortunately there is a limitation regarding partial sales. JFD broker is momentarilly not capable to offer the partial close of a position where the rest of the position size is simply left open. Instead the whole position is closed and a new position with the desired size is reopened.

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I'm not familiar with Norway registration requirements though.
At first, please check the regulatory body in Norway:
The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway -
The have their own registry which you might want to start with. I'm sure they'll also provide all necessary guides and references to run a Forex business in Norway.
All the best!

You will receive all the services you require to build your own brand. IB's have to pay most of their profits through spread sharing back to other Prime Brokers. But FinPro allows you to retain most of the profits by asking you to become a Broker yourself.

I am thinking about trading, but won't go with Pepperstone. Yes, they are regulated by ASIC, but they have been kicked out of Japan because they were not licensed to trade there.

7- As a white label company, I dont want to handle any client deposit/withdrawals and leave this responsibility to the prime broker. Do I still need to get a licence in UK?

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Another component of trading costs are commission fees charged by brokers. Pepperstone, however, charges commission on the Edge Razor account only, amounting to $ per 655k traded, while the Standard one is commission-free.

hi there guru, you seem to be an expert of the subject. I would like to start a company in norway. can you please tell me what are the financial requirements their?. how much start up cost will i need to come up with to be a wl broker?. i would greatly appreicate your input.
Thanks in advance.

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